Troy Day Bio

Troy Day

BSc, MSc, PhD


Dr. Troy Day is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and the Department of Biology at Queen’s University. He has a BSc in Biology, MSc in Zoology and a PhD in Mathematics.┬áHe is an Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the AAAS, and is the recipient of a Killam Research Fellowship, a Steacie Fellowship, the CAIMS Research Prize, and the Steacie Prize. He is also a former Canada Research Chair.


Dr. Day is a Mathematical Biologist specializing in evolutionary biology. His lab develops theories in a number of areas in evolutionary biology and epidemiology using a combination of mathematical models and computer simulations. He has been working on a variety of mathematical models for the evolution of pathogens such as that which cause Lyme disease.


Dr. Day is a Co-Applicant on the grant. He will contribute to the Network by offering expertise and collaborative support in the areas of epidemiological and evolutionary study.