The Lyme Disease Research Trust Fund

This fund was established in August 2019 to build on the Canadian Lyme Disease Research Network’s record of excellence in improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of LD in Canada. Furthermore, this fund is designed to enhance teaching and scholarly activity, purchase equipment, and support research, related to Lyme Disease, in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University

It provides annual discretionary funding for the Scientific Director to invest in emerging Lyme disease research opportunities and the world’s best Lyme disease researchers.

The fund will support a variety of initiatives including:

  • The development and expansion of a national multicentre biobank and associated patient cohorts.
  • Support for researchers to develop and evaluate novel diagnostic platforms and better understand the natural history of Lyme disease.
  • Further collaboration with patient and community stakeholders.

Thank you for your interest and support. Your gift to The Lyme Disease Research Trust Fund will help enable more research aimed towards improving our understanding of Lyme disease in Canada.