Rylan Egan Bio

Rylan Egan



Dr. Rylan Egan is an Assistant Professor of Healthcare Quality and Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing & Department of Biomedical Science at Queen’s University. He is also the Director of Education Science, Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship at Queen’s University. He has a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Brock University, a Master’s of Education in Curriculum Studies from Queen’s and a PhD in Educational Psychology from Simon Fraser University.


Dr. Egan has expertise in knowledge translation, quality improvement, and qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methodologies. He co-developed and co-facilitates the IDEAS Quality Improvement program for the South East Local Health Integration Network. He has developed and facilitated courses, faculty retreats, and workshops at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels in Educational design, research and assessment over the past 8 years. Rylan’s research interests include the evaluation and assessment of educational programming, student assessment, and quality improvement program evaluation.


Dr. Egan is a Principal Applicant on the grant. He will co-lead activities regarding knowledge translation and training (Pillar 4). Specifically he will organize and guide program accreditation, iterative evaluation, training methodologies, patient engagement, and knowledge translation. He will also help to lead the other activities in Pillar 4 regarding patient and community engagement.