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Katie Clow



Dr. Katie Clow is an Assistant Professor in One Health in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), University of Guelph. Her research focuses on the ecology and epidemiology of vectors and vector-borne zoonoses, with a specific emphasis on the blacklegged tick and Lyme disease. She holds both a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (OVC, 2011) and PhD (OVC, 2017). Dr. Clow has worked in private small animal practice as well as at the national and international level in One Health through internships at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Department of Food Safety, Zoonoses and Foodborne Disease at the World Health Organization, and the Global Disease Detection Branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She regularly collaborates with public health professionals and veterinarians in private practice and industry. She is also the chair of the board of directors for the non-profit organization Veterinarians without Borders-Canada.
Dr. Clow is a Co-Applicant on the grant. She will contribute to the Network’s research activities and provide insight into veterinary and tick aspects that will relate to human Lyme disease surveillance and education.