Karine Thivierge Bio

Karine Thivierge

MSc, PhD


Dr. Karine Thivierge is a Clinical Specialist in Medical Biology responsible for parasitology and tick-borne diseases at the Québec Public Health Laboratory (LSPQ). She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Institute of Parasitology at McGill University. She has a MSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and PhD in Virology both from McGill University. She also completed her post-doctoral research in Medical Parasitology and Immunology at McGill University.


The Parasitology Laboratory for which Dr. Thivierge is the Head, acts as the provincial reference laboratory in microbiology and quality assurance. The laboratory offers a wide range of analytical services for the detection and identification of enteric parasites. It is also in charge of the provincial blacklegged tick and Lyme disease surveillance program. Dr. Thivierge’s research interests focus on the development of new molecular-based diagnostic tests for detection of intestinal parasites and on surveillance of emerging vector-borne diseases including Lyme disease.


Dr. Thivierge is a Co-Applicant on the grant. She will be involved with a number of different research Pillars. She will oversee and coordinate with patient recruitment in Québec for the national biobank and cohort, initial processing of Québec samples and coordinate bacterial cultures on Québec samples. She will also share provincial passive blackleged tick surveillance database (contributing to Pillar 2) and contribute to research activities on detection and diagnosis (Pillar 1)