Kamran Kadkhoda Bio

Kamran Kadkhoda



Dr. Kamran Kadkhoda is a Clinical Microbiologist at the Cadham Provincial Public Health Laboratory in Winnipeg, and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and Department of Immunology at the University of Manitoba. He earned his PhD in Immunology and a Fellowship in Clinical Microbiology from the University of Manitoba. His Certifications include Specialist in Microbiology from the American Society for Clinical Pathology and Fellow in Clinical Microbiology from the Canadian College of Microbiologists. He is apart of the American Board of Medical Microbiology and the American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology.


Dr. Kadkhoda has interests in research and development in the field of serological diagnosis of infectious diseases, sero-epidemiological investigations of infectious diseases, molecular laboratory diagnosis of blood-borne pathogens, molecular epidemiological studies of blood-borne pathogens, and research and development in the field of laboratory diagnosis of parasitic infections. He also has interest and direct laboratory medicine responsibility for Lyme Disease Diagnostics in Manitoba. He is also a member of the Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network Lyme Diagnostics group.


Dr. Kadkhoda is a Co-Applicant on the grant. He will contribute to the project through coordination of specimen collection, transport, and laboratory diagnostics especially in the Winnipeg area.