Jeroen De Buck Bio

Jeroen De Buck

MSc, PhD


Dr. De Buck is a Professor of Bacteriology in the Department of Production Animal Health at the University of Calgary. He received his MSc in Bioengineering Sciences, majoring in cell and gene technologies, his MSc in Laboratory Animal Sciences and his PhD in Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University in Belgium. His area of expertise is veterinary microbiology.


Dr. De Buck’s Lab is focused on bacterial pathogenesis interactions in order to improve current vaccination strategies and to find new diagnostic targets. The lab is developing a biosensor for frequent and convenient testing for biomarkers of infectious diseases in blood, which may be applicable to the improvement of Lyme disease diagnosis.


Dr. De Buck is a Co-Applicant on the grant. As part of the proposed Network, he will help in developing a novel home test for diagnosing markers of Lyme disease (Pillar 1).