Billie-Jo Hardy Bio

Billie-Jo Hardy

BSc, PhD


Dr. Billie-Jo Hardy is a Research Scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital.  She has a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Toronto. She has expertise in research ethics, stakeholder analysis and community engagement and has experience in both global and Indigenous health research. Her current work focuses on consensus building with a cross-national Indigenous-led public health network regarding public health implementation systems,  and cultural safety training of health professionals at the Well Living House, St. Michael’s Hospital. She has conducted research on behalf of the Sandra Rotman Centre for Global Health Research, the Centre for Ethical Social and Cultural Risk, the Institute for Ethics, Policy and Innovation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Dr. Hardy is a Co-Applicant on the grant. She will work closely with the Patient and Community Engagement team (Pillar 4). She will share her knowledge and expertise in stakeholder engagement, trust and consensus building and community engagement towards building and sustaining a network of diverse stakeholders with interests on Lyme disease.