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Elizabeth Stringer



Dr. Elizabeth Stringer is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She is a pediatric rheumatologist and clinical researcher at the IWK Health Centre, the tertiary care pediatric hospital for the Maritime provinces.  Dr. Stringer completed her medical training and pediatric residency at Dalhousie University, followed by 3 years in Toronto completing her pediatric rheumatology fellowship and a master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology.  Dr. Stringer joined the Division of Pediatric Rheumatology in 2008.  Dr. Stringer’s interest in Lyme disease began early in her career when the Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic at the IWK Health Centre began seeing increasing numbers of children with Lyme arthritis.  She published a study describing the clinic’s early observations of outcomes of Lyme arthritis.  Her present work involves collaboration with orthopedic, infection disease and microbiology colleagues aimed at earlier diagnosis of Lyme arthritis, particularly differentiating Lyme arthritis from septic arthritis.


Dr. Stringer has recently joined the network and will oversee and coordinate patient recruitment for the biobank and clinical cohort in Nova Scotia.